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BibEc: Working Papers in Economics

What is BibEc?

BibEc is a service for finding information about papers and articles in Economics.

How many papers does it contains?

It contains information about over 130,000 documents in printed format:

  57346 Working Papers
  42178 Journal Articles

Are they available on the internet?

No. Papers and articles in BibEc don't have a free electronic version. To get a printed copy you should contact the department or publisher responsible for the paper series or get in touch with the interlibrary loan service in your library.

In some cases you will be able to order a printed copy from our web server.

Note that BibEc has a sister project called WoPEc that is limited to electronic documents. You can search the data from both projects at once.

Where the BibEc data come from?

BibEc uses the RePEc dataset of economics publications. Basically RePEc is a collection of archives that supply information about economics working papers, journal publications and software.

Could I include my papers in BibEc?

Yes, sure. To include your papers here, open your own RePEc archive (see how) or upload them with Economics Working Paper Archive (EconWPA).

Who maintains BibEc?

BibEc is managed by José Manuel Barrueco Cruz and Thomas Krichel.

I need more help, what can I do?

See our FAQ!

BibEc is a RePEc service

Other RePEc services are:

    Socionet (in Russian only)

 About RePEc:



  Between 1996 and  1999 BibEc was  supported by the  Electronic Libraries  Programme (eLib)  in the UK,







Jose Manuel Barrueco and Thomas Krichel, If you have any problem, please < contact us>
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